Access to submissions in review phase

For any submission, only the coordinator can see the status of the submission in all its phases. In our collaboration (Strong-2020) it would be nice if an additional “observer”, appointed by the coordinator, may be able to monitor process in on-going submissions.

I have experimented whether adding uploaders and reviewers a second person may have access to an on-going submission, but this is not the case. For any submission there just one uploader and reviewer, and the additional ones may only be promoted to replace the existing uploader and reviewer.

Might this feature be considered?

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Thanks for the feedback, Alberto. We have an open issue to allow an “observer” role with permissions only to view a submission in preparation (and associated review comments) but not to upload or review a submission. The original idea was to control access via membership of a given CERN e-group. But it would be simpler to instead control access via a record-specific password. I’ve bumped the priority of this issue and we’ll try to start working on the implementation soon.

But for the related issue of whether additional Uploaders or Reviewers can be added to a submission, this is already possible. When a submission is created, only one Uploader and one Reviewer can be specified, but additional participants can be added from a Coordinator’s Dashboard. Click the “gears” icon on the right-hand side of the paper listed on your Dashboard, then “Add new uploader” or “Add new reviewer” and enter the Name and Email of the new participant. New participants will appear under “Reserve Uploaders” and “Reserve Reviewers”. The key step is that you then need to click the green arrow on the right-hand side to promote a Reserve Uploader/Reviewer to a Primary Uploader/Reviewer giving access to the record. From looking at your Dashboard, it seems that you have omitted this last step, and indeed it might not be intuitive from the current web interface.

Given that multiple Uploaders and Reviewers can currently be assigned to a submission, hopefully this will suffice until the planned “observer” functionality becomes available.

Hi Graeme,

thanks for the reply and also for explaining how can I have multiple active reviewers, I missed this existing functionality when I tried in November 2021.