Additional non-standard table addition to a submission


I would like to add an extra YAML file in a non-standard format to a HEPData submission, that should not generate a plot and a table on the web page, but still could be downloaded both separately and when downloading the whole submission. Is that possible?

I see in hepdata_lib the class “AdditionalResourceMixin”, but I could not find any information or example on how to use it both in and in general on a google web search.

Alternatively, it would be nice to have a settable flag to disable the automatic generation of a table and/or a plot related to a table in the supported format on the submission web page, when that puts a heavy CPU load on the client node.



Some of these issues were addressed in my reply to another post. An empty table can be given with {independent_variables: [], dependent_variables: []} and then attach the YAML file as additional_resources.

hepdata_lib has separate documentation at but indeed I don’t see an example of how to use the add_additional_resource function. I’ll raise the issue with the hepdata_lib developers. But the add_additional_resource function can be called as a method of instances of either the Submission or Table classes. So you would call something like table = Table("Table name"), then table.add_additional_resource("description", "path_to_file", copy_file=True) and don’t add any Variable objects to the table. I think that would meet your needs.

Thanks Graeme for the useful reply, my fault I did not read again in full you previous reply.