Feedback for Coordinator submissions view

We are planning to resurrect and improve a submissions view for a Coordinator’s Dashboard that was partially implemented in 2016 (see GitHub issue HEPData/hepdata#166). The animation below (from 2016, see GitHub issue HEPData/hepdata#61) shows roughly what it would look like:

The submissions view would allow more flexible filtering of submissions than available from the normal Dashboard view, together with the ability to export submission data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. See comments in the GitHub issues linked above for more details.

At this stage, we would like feedback from Coordinators on desired features that we would consider building into the submissions view. What would you like to do, related to viewing and filtering submissions, that is not currently possible from the normal Dashboard view?

We started working on the implementation. Proposed CSV format is:


Any request for additional fields or preference for the order of fields, @geurts?

Hi Graeme,

The list looks pretty complete. One thing that could be useful is to include for one field that would allow collaborations to assign an internal collaboration-specific number/ID for its tracking purposes and have some provision in HEPdata’s Common Resources section for that.


Good suggestion. We already support the provision of supplementary IDs via a record_ids field in the first YAML document of the submission.yaml file (see JSON schema). These record_ids were used in the migration from the old HepData site, for example:

- {id: 1203852, type: inspire}
- {id: 6150, type: red}

Here, red was an internal record identifier used on the old HepData site. At the moment, these optional record_ids are not displayed anywhere on the record and they can only be found if the submission.yaml file is downloaded. We could consider storing the record_ids (if present) in the database when a submission is uploaded, then add record_ids as an additional field to the submissions view and the CSV export. The additional record_ids could also be displayed alongside the publication information on a HEPData record. This would only affect new submissions uploaded with a record_ids field in the submission.yaml file, not historical submissions. Would this meet your needs, @geurts?

We’ve now added new buttons “Submissions Overview” and “Download Submissions CSV” on a Coordinator’s Dashboard. Feedback welcome.