LHCb records with wrongly associated RIVET

Dear developers,
Record https://www.hepdata.net/record/ins1396331 has two associated RIVET plugins (including the plugin which should have been associated w/ record https://www.hepdata.net/record/ins1490663). This is out of the coordinator’s power on correcting and seems to me it might be some issue with the code associating record to RIVET plugins. Does the code not use the InspireHEP.net ID to match records to published RIVET plugins?!

Thanks for the query. HEPData links Rivet analyses to records by making a nightly harvest of https://rivet.hepforge.org/analyses.json which provides a mapping between INSPIRE IDs and Rivet analysis names. Any new Rivet analyses are added to the HEPData database while obsolete ones are deleted. The mapping is not as simple as just using the INSPIRE ID for a number of reasons, for example, a given INSPIRE ID may have multiple associated Rivet analyses and the Rivet analyses were often named using the old SPIRES ID rather than the INSPIRE ID. You can see that the analyses.json file has an element:

"1396331": ["LHCB_2015_I1396331", "LHCB_2016_I1490663"]

You can also see that both LHCB_2015_I1396331 and LHCB_2016_I1490663 have an Inspire ID: 1396331. I think the mistake was introduced in line 6 of LHCB_2016_I1490663.info authored by you on 25 November 2020.

This is difficult to fix on the HEPData side, because any changes to the database will be reverted by the nightly harvest of the analyses.json file. You need to fix line 6 of LHCB_2016_I1490663.info, then the analyses.json file should be automatically updated in the next Rivet release. Then the nightly harvesting will automatically remove LHCB_2016_I1490663 from https://www.hepdata.net/record/ins1396331 and add it to https://www.hepdata.net/record/ins1490663.

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