Recommended way to update a HEPData historical submission


I post here because the reply may be useful also for other submission coordinators.

I am an atypical coordinator, I serve as such for collaborations that do not have a coordinator but published e+e- → hadrons cross-sections measurements that are of interest for the EU project Strong-2020.

I am in contact with a collaborator who would like to update the following historical submission with new published data details:

I don’t know who is the coordinator, and I don’t see how to get it. Is there a way to get the coordinator for any historical or modern submission?

May I ask to become the coordinator to enable updates, if no-one exists?

Is there a procedure to update historical submissions? Since we will update it following the modern procedures, should we rather first convert it to the modern URL (withouth the “ins”) first? Or should we delete this historical entry, recovering its data for the V1 of a modern submission and then update it with a V2?

Thanks for the questions and for your contributions to HEPData as Coordinator for STRONG-2020. I answered similar questions in response to an email you sent on 11th November 2021, but I will repeat and expand my answers here.

Records migrated from the old HepData site, generally where the “Last updated” date is earlier than 2017, do not have any assigned Coordinator/Uploader/Reviewer, including the record you mention. I have changed the Coordinator to you, so you can now click the red “Revise Submission” button on the record (after logging in) to create a new version 2, then assign Uploaders/Reviewers from your Dashboard. This particular record contains no numerical data, so any update would be welcome.

We don’t have a dedicated web interface to request Coordinator permissions for a specific record. But if you are logged in and you click the question mark symbol (?) on the right-hand side, you can send an email to the assigned Coordinator/Uploader/Reviewer (with a copy to me), or for historical (pre-2017) records with no Coordinator/Uploader/Reviewer, the email will be sent only to me via info(at) The Coordinator/Uploader/Reviewer is not otherwise publicly available. You can alternatively request Coordinator permissions for particular records just by sending me an email directly at info(at)

Regarding the URLs, each HEPData record can be reached in a few different ways:

  1. using the HEPData record number
  2. using the INSPIRE record number, i.e. this corresponds to the publication
  3. using the DOI with the HEPData record number, which redirects to

The second two methods only apply after a record has been finalised. While a record is in preparation, only the first method works (using the HEPData record number). For records with multiple versions, the URLs above resolve to the latest version of a record, but it is possible to refer to specific versions by appending ?version=1 to the first two URLs or .v1 to the DOI. Therefore, no special treatment should be needed to revise a historical submission compared to a modern submission.

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